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Terms and Conditions ~ 2019


Cost : 40 Euros per night
From 08:00 on day of arrival till 12:00 noon on day of departure.

This is an 'all-inclusive' price. Includes administration of any medication, attention to special needs or medical problems, grooming, cleaning of ears and eyes, plus all food (see Q & A page) Also included: sitting on my lap when I watch television; freedom for your dog to sleep where he wants; unrestricted playtime, and lots of petting by me - plus biscuits at bedtime!

  • DELIVERY: Between 08:00 and 12:00 noon. Closed all day Sunday
    This gives your dog the whole day to settle in and get to know the other dogs.
  • COLLECTION: Between 08:00 and 19:00. Closed all day Sunday
    No charge will apply on the day of departure if your dog is collected prior to the 12:00 noon checkout time – there is then a two-hour 'grace' period until 14:00. However, if you choose to collect your dog later than 14:00 then a 'day care' charge of 10 euros will be added for that day. After 19:00 dogs must remain an extra night.

Delivery/Collection: When DELIVERING your dog or COLLECTING your dog, PLEASE TELEPHONE my portable (06 20 71 84 81) from your portable when you are about 10 or 15 minutes away so I have time to bring the other dogs into the house to avoid chaos at the gate. If you are in a hurry I am happy to meet you at the mailbox on the main road above the house. Thank you.

  • Minimum Stay: Stays will be a minimum of two nights. Dogs are accepted for one night only but please note there is a minimum charge per stay of 60 euros.
  • Baths: Baths (by arrangement) 20 and 30 Euros according to size of your dog. Please advise at time of delivery if you would like your dog bathed and dried ready for your return.
  • Veterinary Fees: If your dog is not well he/she will be taken to your own vet if at all possible - if not, to my nearest veterinary surgery. Vet fees and a small charge for taking the dog to the vet will be payable.
  • Please bring with you:
    • Vaccination certificate (passport)
    • Your dog's bed (or cushion or an old pullover so he or she feels at home)
    • Special food if necessary (see 'Questions and Answers' page)
    • Any medication
  • Digital Photos:
    I will be very happy to send you digital photographs of your dog on holiday at Pension Milou as well as letting you have email reports on his or her well being. Please let me know, when you deliver your dog, if you are interested in this service.

Jilly Bennett

Portable: 06 20 71 84 81