Milou 1990 - 2005


Alice  1991 - 2005

Alice"From the moment we picked Alice up, we knew we had a superstar! Loving, fun, mischievous, all those things and more. Alice was a true, loyal wonderful girl who was loved by all who met her. Gentle but firm with Toffee, her great grand-daughter, they both lived so happily together sharing their beds, their toys, their treats and most of all our love. We always remember Alice in her later years lying in Jilly’s doorway, not letting the other dogs in or out without inspection, a true matriarchal figure, she ruled the roost. We all miss Alice enormously, she will never be forgotten, we were privileged to have been her family."

Barry et Gay



Sept. 1992 - Sept. 2005

"Notre fidèle companion pendant 13 ans"

Patricia et Floris



1990 - 2005

held in my arms
his sun washed face
eyes closed



Cracker avec sa meilleure amie, Pina



"Nous pensons à toi tous les jours"

Peel et Emma

Faust ~ Janv. 1992 - Juin 2005

"Notre Faust (Harold de La Guinotière de son nom de naissance), n'a pas fait notre fierté grâce à son pedigree brillamment obtenu, malgré sa fougueuse indiscipline, mais pour sa tendresse et sa gentillesse. Il nous a quitté un triste jour de juin. Nous devons réapprendre à vivre sans lui, qui fut notre petit compagnon sans faille pendant 13 ans et demi. Il restera toujours dans notre coeur.Faust
Nous essayons de ne pas être tristes car nous savons qu'il a eu une vie heureuse. Nous l'emmenions toujours en vacances avec nous. Lorsque cela était impossible, seule la famille proche avait droit au privilège de s'occuper de lui. Puis nous avons eu la chance de connaître l'adresse de « Aunty Jilly » à qui nous avons confié en toute confiance notre petit chien à plusieurs reprises. Ca a dû être une sacré rigolade avec ses congénères!"

Françoise Chaudemanche - Jean Paul Gabillard. Faust's parents.

Carmen  1991 - 2005

Carmen"Carmen was named Bonzer Carmen by her breeders and Felix used to carry her about on his forearm before she'd had all her injections. She became his gundog, sleeping by his gear the evening before a shoot - just in case she was left behind in the morning! She was an excellent gun dog but she would not 'pick up'. She'd tell Felix 'It's in that tangle of bushes, Daddy,' but would not attempt to retrieve it. Well, you can't have everything, can you?

We got to know Jilly when Carmen got too old to travel around and we left her at what she considered her second home. She loved it at Jilly's: all those 'boys' to tease - she never gave up hope. She was a character, only did things when she wanted to and always took over someone else's bed at Jilly's - obviously far more comfortable than her own!

Her last trip was back to England when she travelled by train with Felix and I picked them up at Calais, as usual!  But once home, she wasn't well, wouldn't eat (most unlike Carmen who was always so greedy). An x-ray showed secondary cancer in her lungs. She'd never complained, she got slower which we put down to old age. She was put peacefully to sleep so she could suffer no more. Carmen-dogs was a dear and wonderful little girl, who touched everyone she met. We miss her so very much.."

Helene and Felix


Charlie Crosthwaite

Charlie Crosthwaite

25 February 1993 - 4 June 2005

He only knew love which he gave
abundantly from a joyous heart.

Donald, Helen and Tommy




June 1994 - December 2005

What a great dog !  He had his problems
but we loved him all the more for them .

Victoria, Nick and Daisy




1996 - 2006

Ziggy had given us five years and 4 months of love, when she sadly went over the Rainbow Bridge.

We will meet again one day darling one.

Laura and Michael


Sheba Harmony Mimi
1989 - 2003
1992 - 2005

Mimi (left)
1991 - 2005

Isis Lenny Lula
Isis Lenny Lula

Sheba Nicola Bonny
1991 - 2004
Nicola (left) Bonny

Sophy Lottie Juicy
Sophy Lottie
1995 - 2006

Columbo Flavia Zinzi